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LET IT SNOW! [Nov. 27th, 2005|10:58 am]
[mood |accomplishedhappy its snowing]
[music |hot hot heat- banages]

    Well thinks have been going good ...i love how i don't update in forever...nothing has really been happening ....shelb just got ungrounded on thanksgiving!! so you know how we do...SWEATPANTS BOODY DANCE, SOFTBALL SOCKS, PK ROCKED! hhaha yah yah listened to some Blink then it was off ot pk for friday night...
    so yah shleby left and went to micheals house ... so happy for them!..
    i seen some skiers fall hardcore it and it was amazing and i lughed at them....hehe
    i hung out with Ashley, Kristin, Jenna< but liek not idk haha they were getting boys left and right so i just kinda left on the fact i didn't think any of them were cute...HAHAHA JENNA "the one with the gray and blue jacket.....OMG OMG THAT'S HIM" <HAHA !!
    hahaha  umm hung ou twith colin pace, brandon, jorden, trevor, mitch....yah know everyone
then i found my self hanging out with ben,liz,micheal,nick,megan<< the 8th graders? but there fun so w/ehahaha then at the end bo tells me to come sit with him and mike so haha talked to bo and his ADORBILE little brother!
    Then me and micheal went out and waitted for my mommy and his mommy and left, went to go pick up shleby at mikes house then it was off to home for me....got home and went right to my bed!

    Then yesterday tucker came over i haven't seen him in a while so he cam over at liek 11:30 and drew came in for liek 10 mins then he left me and tucker had the whole house to ourselfs for a while and we just chilled here and slept mostly haha b/c were losers...but yah then drew calles him and idk he wants to hang out with drew again? idk big distastor and i got all mad and idk it was crazy....but were all good and he left at like 9.... and i hit the bed again
    And idk what i'm doing today....just chillin....so yah...
i g2g i still haven't tooken a shower today so ..hehehe
love love*
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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2005|09:29 am]
[mood |lovedlovely]
[music |SAME...]


 4 DAYS!!!!!!
1 YEAR!!!!!

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7th graders are so cool... [Nov. 5th, 2005|09:11 am]
[mood |artisticsweet]
[music |jet-cold hard bitch]

    Wensday i went to the doctors and didn't do anything really i stayed home b/c i was sick......i thought me and tucker were hanging out after he got home from school and then he hung out with Mike and Thomas so i was liek wow but  then i just kinda slept....
    ...ummm Thursday was fun hahaha i went to school...well i thoguht me and Tucker were hanging again out but then he wanted to go to this band thing in poniac so i was like w/e we'll hang out tomorrow so i come home and Brandon tells me there playin a gig at Corns house so i was liek wow w/e but i just let that go...i mean a bunch of 7th grs? hahaha soo i was happy they got to play some where... although i guess this girl was all over Tucker....but she a 7th gr so hahahahahhaahhaha.... but anyways jimmy came over and i was liek "uhh hi" and he was liek "where's my kool-aid?" haha so he hung out here and drank my kool-aid then me and my Mom where going to Louie's house so we droped Jimmy off at Trea's house.I seen NONA'S NEW PUPPY its so cute and fuzzy its not short hair is long haired haha it was soooooo cute...idk what to name it but its all good....we satyed at louies house for awhile then we came home.
    Then friday after school Tuckers Mommy pick me Tuckre and Mike up from school and we all went back to Tuckers house... then we played at the park Mike left then came back and we went to the game...
   so the football playoff was funn! hahaha Me and Tucker, Mike, Carly and Drew were really hanging out...i felt really bad for Mike that Shleby couldn't come down i was like WTF? but w/e ....it was a blast hahaha Matt almost getting in a fight with a 7th (what a hard ass?) but pritty funny how the kid could KO(?!) Matt....i think not hahah...it was fun and then WHEN LO WON clarkston bowed to us for liek 10 mins haha that was sweet....soo yah it was a good night then....My Mommy picked me and Tucker up at liek the sub by our school....i came home and ate chimmy changa that my mommy brought home for me ...she went out to dinner again! but it was really good....
    and now its SATERDAY FINALLY!! I LOVE SATERDAYS! i think i am possiblally hanging out with Carlyon Pote
but update later..
**Love Love**
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Halloween...Tucker....Lovley...sorda? haha [Nov. 2nd, 2005|06:47 pm]
[mood |lovedAmazing]

Heyyyyyy!! WELL HALLOWEEN WAS A FUN NIGHT!!! some what...haha well i am offically in love with shelby sue phillips...she was amazing on halloween...haha and yah i got like a handfull of candy and I GOT A KIWI FROM SOME GUY!!! it was prittie amazing... yah so that was the good part...
    well me and tucker got into liek a screaming match and we frickin fliped out on eatchother and it was bad and i thought we were gunna break up ...but i went back to his house and me and him had a crying session in his bed...and it tottaly felt liek i twas over ...and its not and i love him and its all good now...but yah its all good....7 DAYS ITS A YEAR ...YESS! but yah it was really cute i mean i tottaly know hes just for me and i don't want anyone else!!!
    And anyhoo...i'm just sitting at home...i was sick today and didn't go to school soo yah hahaha i have a scinese infection and what not...but yah nothing has been really happening i just REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO TO PK RIGHT NOW AND JUST BE SWEET!!! and me and shleby are going to be very hardcore this year for sure! hahaha but anyways that's all ...
update later
~Lakie poo~

 Ps...i just realized how many words i don't know on the mood thing that you have to pick hhaha what's...melancholy?
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2005|02:51 pm]
[mood |ditzyamazed]

9 days..........

One year.....

the best year of my life...

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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2005|02:45 pm]
[mood |devioushalloweeny?! haha]
[music |none..i'm in school]

Happy Halloween!!

Well tonight is halloween and idk what i'm doing or who i'm going tricker treating with or if i am going tricker treating...soo update later....

love love


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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2005|10:47 am]

EXAMS!!!!! Ahhh!



but i'm finally done with them!!!

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MORNING! [Oct. 22nd, 2005|08:29 am]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |ganster stuff...haha idk whyy!]

Hey hey!!! MORNING EVERYONE...well the last football game was last night...o how saad.... but i didn't even say for the whole thing it was FREEZING OUT!!!!! i ate some good ramon< or w/e noodles  and a cappachino and it was mighty good..but my hands were freezing off  ...and i'm a whimp...haha...so me and tucker left early....i came back to my house in my nice warm confeys and talked on the phone for a while...then went to bed....
I figured out that LO WON!! YAHAYAH! hahaha soo it was a pritty good night its all good and a pritty good morning....but i think i'm going to go back to bed or take a shower....so talk to ya'll later!

*..Love Love..*

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tucker tucker tucker... [Oct. 16th, 2005|08:35 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Mean thought and cheap shots- Rocket Summer]

    Yah so about my night with shelby and carly.....everyone knew it was comming so idk why there were mad and i mean when we snuck out it was SWEETEST DAY sooo w/e there mad but it was totaly fun!....we had a sweet time getting there it wasen't to bad.......it was AMAZING i'm soo in love with that boy tucker lee cantara...ahhhh...hahaha but when we DOVE in the effing swamp don't know how taht one happened?? haha and then as we were back there was a effing guy getting in his car (so we thought) so we hide in bushes and behind trees...then he goes to lauren's car and tryes to get it in...AND WTF ITS A BURGLER GUY!?! AT THIS TIME I'M ALMOST PISSING MY EFFING PANTS...then he goes to the next car and keeps doing it ...when he was past us we ran like hell back inside....omg soo scarry!!! BUT SOO SOOO SOO FUN WITH MY GIRLS SHLEB AND CARLY, MIKE, DREW AND MY LOVE TUCKER!!!
    So anyways...Sweetest day was yesterday ...it was mighty fun watching the sunset at b-brandons and walking up to wendys at liek 10? AND my mom buying brandon a rose for sweetest day sence he dont' gots a girl... hahaha and how brandon is a lil rebal and BROKE 3 LAWS ALL AT ONCE! haha ..>>1. out pass curfue  2. J-walking  3.littering...ooooooo ..when really he dosen't have a bad bone in his whole body... but anyhoo...I SAVED A DOGS LIFE THERE 2! ...he was tottaly guunn get hit by a car and i saved him ...yes yes i did feel prittiy good.. but yah then it got back after wendys when i didn't have a ride home b/c me and jess's parent's were both being gay as hell but bryans mom took us home and everhing was good...no groundation there....haha....
   Today i slept in till liek 12 and then didn't really get ready for anything till like 3...took a shower, and that suff i do...and then did my brothers hair for him< b/c he's turning metrosexual on all of us..haha but yah then went to tuckers....at liek 5? and studyed world studies while he did his math hw...then at 6 we walked up to kroger and returned pop cans and i got stuff for my face...(lotion) ..then as we were walking back my mom was liek there and i'm liek wtf she's way way way early? it was like 6:30 and it was gay but i had to leave at lease i got to see him everyday this weekend...
    and now i'm home and and i got on the computer and ate a little somthing and now i think i'm off to bed...i need to make up for those w/e hours i didn't sleep with miss shleby sue, mike, tucker, drew and carly hahah.....soo that was my weekend prittie fun...!! update later bitches!!
*~Miss Lakin Lee~*

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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2005|05:10 pm]
[mood |tiredtired...but feeling good]
[music |something tucker and brandon are listen to]

What a night last night...shleby , carly love you both...hahaha Micheal, Tucker, Drew...you 3 are the best bf's we could have!



Happy Sweetest Day......!~!~!

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